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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been proven to be the most efficient form of driving traffic to websites. People use search engines to navigate through the Internet and this trend continues to rise.
The Concept
In order for a search engine to be effective, it must rank websites in such a way that you will find what you are looking for quickly and reliably. Your website needs to have relevant content based on the search; it has to have all the technical elements in place that search engines such as Google use in their algorithms. Your website needs to have a broad variety of links that connect your site with other industry related websites and it needs to be built using a format that is easy for the search engine to read and evaluate. Google would be out of business if the searches did not provide the proper results you are looking for and therefore, all search engines have an enormous need to only rank the best sites on Page one.
The Power of Google
Google has established itself as THE dominant search engine globally and, as such, if you are not ranked at the top of their results you will simply not be found. Conversely, a first page Google ranking for your targeted keywords guarantees traffic. Further, the traffic is extremely targeted as people typing in the desired terms are clearly interested in the topic. It is therefore imperative to be listed on page one.
Why us?
Thousands of SEO firms have turned up over the years to provide the service of delivering high rankings on Google. Unfortunately the industry has been marred by either unscrupulous and/or incompetent firms or firms that simply refuse to guarantee their work. The latter issue is often justified with the answer of "Only Google can guarantee anything" and this has led many to negative experiences with supposedly top SEO companies. Imagine paying good money and expecting results and, at the end of the term, having nothing to show for it. The common answer always ends up being "well there was no guarantee" and this leaves the client out a lot of money, without any rankings and very frustrated. This is where A+F SEO, located in Jerusalem, Israel, has come to change the SEO landscape.
We guarantee first page rankings
We are the first SEO Company to fully guarantee our work without any strings attached. We guarantee you first page rankings in Google for the terms we agree on with you, and if we do not get you there by the stated time, we will keep working for free until it is on Page 1. We will not charge you anything more until your term(s) have reached page one. We will decide along with you what are the ideal keywords to target in order to assure the most traffic to your website.
What to look out for?
Many SEO companies will insist that you include keywords that will be easy to optimize for the SEO company but will not bring you much traffic, if any. They do this so that when you have finished paying, they can point to these easy keywords being optimized, and claim they have produced results. The only results you should care about are the amount of new traffic your site receives.
Watch out for quotes that seem too good to be true. There are many SEO people and companies that will add thousands of obscure links to your website for less than $1000 and within a few weeks your site will get to Page one. You will be feeling great and your website will be bringing in new customers. Google evaluates all the sites on the internet on a regular basis and their rankings. When they check your site and see all the links, they will know that your site's strength is all based on irrelevant links that were purchased wholesale and the next thing you know, your website is no where to be found. Gone! No one knows for sure how long Google will blacklist your website; it could be months or even years.
A+F SEO is located in Jerusalem, Israel
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